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BELA is a business start-up project established in 2017 after receiving a grant from the Data for Local Impact Innovation Challenge (DLIIC) in the amount of $25,000 in March 2017 as well as mentorship for the project. The project aims to provide solutions to the lack of access and affordability to sanitary pads facing girls and young females in schools, colleges, universities, and ladies/women in working places during their menstrual period. The Bela team is composed of five members, including the Founder Lulu Ameir, a financial advisor, a technician, marketing, and a data collector.

Background of the Problem

The World Bank reported in 2002 that an estimated 70% of Dar es Salaam’s population lives in poor, unplanned settlements. About 75% of those living in informal housing settlements are unemployed or underemployed, who depend on informal activities and micro-enterprise to earn a living, which leads them to live on an average income of 1 USD per day. The above economic situation hurts the life of the female students, especially during their menses. This is because commercial sanitary pads are not easily accessible to most of them as the price ranges from 2,000/= to 3,500/= (1.3-2.3 USD) for a packet of 8-10 pieces. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) estimates that 1 in 10 adolescent girls in Africa misses school because of menstruation and eventually drop out due to menstrual related issues. Providing pads to young girls either for free or for a subsidized price is a key way to keep girls in school.


Our solution is to produce sanitary dispensing machines known as Bela vendors placed/installed within the social environment (Female bathrooms) to offer women a hygienic self-service but also convenient during emergencies and unexpected situations. The pads that are being sold through the Bela vendor are affordable in price and convenient as one can only buy anytime when needed can just purchase a single pad instead of the entire packet. Through this innovation, women can focus and budget well on their daily/monthly expenses.


To be the leading hygiene solution in Tanzania


To provide a convenient, hygienic, affordable, reliable mechanical and digital solution.


Tackles hygiene and sanitation problems that the majority of the females face and be the high
demanded Brand in Tanzania and Africa.


Our main objective is to produce sanitary pad dispensers and provide education on menstrual hygiene

Our Services

Bela offers the following services: -
● Supply of the Vending Machines(Sanitary pads dispensers)
● Installation of the Machines/dispensers
● Maintenance of the Machine/dispensers
● Operation of the Machines/dispensers

Our Machines

Easy and Fast.
New & Advance Technology.
Girls health and awareness.
National & International Recognition.

Our Team


Lulu S. Ameir

CEO & founder of Bela vendor Tanzania and an IT programmer graduate. She’s an entrepreneur but also an activist feminist who aims to support a lot of less privileged young girls using technology. With 3 years of experience in leadership and project management.
After she complete her college courses, she joined an organisation known as Buni-hub for an internship program. she has worked with SAHARA VENTURES and other several organisations.
Lulu was the first female in Tanzania to bring Sanitary napkins venidng machine in 2017,She started her intitive called BELA VENDOR after won a grant under a challenge known as Data for local Impact Innovation Challenge (DLIIC).She implemented on her idea of Bela vendor ,where has managed to produce and install 7 vending machines (3 manual ,4 automatic machines).
In 2018 she got an opportunity to be united with other powerful women who are in the sector of MHM under the support of the US Embassy. Under US Embassy the ladies formulated a new project known as SAUTI YA BINTI with the aim of empowering young girls.She has 5 team members and 5 volunteers.Also, lulu is a freelancer trainer at She codes for change (SCC) where she trains under privilege girls about the computer by using MIT APP inventor and SCRATCH. Lulu aims at empowering young girls and women by using technology.


Clementina Walden

Executive Director
Responsible for all the strategic planning and operating withina a budget of the company as to ensure all projects and activities are well accomplished.

Clementina Walden is currently working in a health sector with experience in delivering high quality care to clients and society .

Clementina has a passion for helping Adolescence girls and Young women. She is a AGYW advocate and philanthropist. She has experience in working with girls and Youngwomen to build their confidence , Sexual reproductive health and mental health .

Clementina Earned her Advanced Diploma in Health Science From Monash University, Diploma in mental health , Degree in Biomedical from INTI university and she's currently doing honors in psychology and counseling.


Salma Iddy

PR & Marketing Manager Salma Is A gender Equality and girls rights advocate with 9 years experience in advocacy and philanthropy.

She's currently working with BELAVENDOR as PR and Marketing Manager aiming on ensuring that every Adolescent Girl and Young woman is afforded the dignity in life that most of us take for granted Through dispensing Sanitary Pads and give out Menstrual hygiene Awareness.

Salma Iddy has worked and Volunteered to Various Organizations at different capacities which enriched her skills and knowledge to effectively work to improve gender equality and girls rights in Tanzania

Salma Graduated With honors from college of business education with a dual degree in Business Administration.

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